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Vous venez en famille

Vous venez en famille

Where to go ?

You only have 1,2 or 3 days to visit this area ? Here are some ideas...

Young or old, everyone will enjoy an escape to the countryside; there's something for everyone.

Aventures Mômes

Un label pour des séjours 100 % “enfants compatibles” !

Certains sites et activités de la Saône-et-Loire ont reçu le label Aventures Mômes, vous permettant de foncer les yeux fermés vers des offres touristiques adaptées aux enfants et donc aux familles.
C'est par exemple le cas des activités estivales au Château Saint-Hugues de Semur-en-Brionnais : des jeux de pistes et livrets amusants ont été créés pour faire visiter le château de manière ludique.
Vous pouvez retrouver les offres disponibles en Saône-et-Loire en cliquant ici.

DAY 1 : Relax and travel back in time


A perfect start to your holiday : Semur-en-Brionnais, "One of the Most Beautiful Villages in France". Stroll through the alleys or around the ramparts, but be sure to make a stop in Burgundy's oldest castle : the castle Saint-Hugues. A real journey back in time where the little ones can disguise themselves as knights and have fun solving puzzles.

Duration : Castle visit (1h), Village visit (1h30).


Lunch at a restaurant or have a picnic

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  • Montceaux l etoile marais banc

Want to stretch your legs ? Hire bikes, electric bikes or roller-skates and take the Voie-Verte (converted railway track)! This vehicle-free path allows you to explore the countryside with your family in peace, without difficulty, at your own pace whilst enjoying beautiful views of the Loire River and the surrounding meadows.

Take a break at the picnic area and then explore the Wetlands of the Marais de Montceaux l'Étoile, a sensitive natural area where the biodiversity of fauna and flora will delight you; be careful it is advisable to move at a quick pace, tread quietly so that you don't distrub the locals !

Free guided tours organised by the local council, contact the tourist office for dates or check our on-line diary.

When your walk is over, make your way back to the accommodation which you founf on our website.



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Visit one of the local museums ; there is something for everyone : loal history, a collection of horse-drawn carriages, fine arts... Take part in the workshops offered seasonally at Marcigny museum or in one of the local craft workshops. Check with the Tourist Office for dates or refer to our on-line information.

Lunch : Choose a restaurant from those listed on our site


If the weather is good stroll beside the water. You can choose from : a walk along the towpath, a dip in Marcigny's swimming-pool or canoeing down the last untamed river in France : The Loire. Canoe trip : choice of duration and destination : from 90 minutes to a few days.

Back to your accommodation

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DAY 3 : In harmony with animals

Whole day activity

Spend a whole day walking in the company of a donkey : together, follow the canal and the enjoy the wooded countryside.

An ideal way to immerse yourself in the landscape and enjoy the tranquility of the countryside, sprinkled with a good deal of fun.

For those who appreciate fine food, the farm visits will make you happy ! Whether it goats or snails, both have horns !

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