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Voie verte et itinérances

Voie verte et itinérances

You need a break, you want to got where the mood takes you ?

Explore our tracks for ramblers and cyclists...

By foot, by bike or with a donkey, have an active holiday!

The Voie-Verte

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For those who want to follow the Loire or simply enjoy the fine weather, this converted railway track is the perfect way to satisfy everyone : on foot, bike, roller-skates or wheel chair... This safe path will take you from Roanne to Bourbon-Lancy.

Break your journey for a picnic or have lunch in a restaurant; visit a Romanesque church or explore the wetlands of Montceaux l'Étoile, stop to take photos... Travel at your own pace to your chosen destination.

Pratical information : Car parks at some road/Voie Verte intersections : bikes or roller-skaters hire available from Brionnais Découverte.

6 bike circuits starting from the Voie-Verte

6 marked tours starting from Iguerande and from Marcigny, from 24 to 58 kilometres, from easy levels to medium ones. They intersect with the Voie-Verte and pass through surrounding towns and villages, making a small detour to the river Loire and the River Allier. Ready ? Steady ? Pedal !

Free map available on our website in the section : "Pratical information"--> "Brochures"

Consult or download the routes :

Circuit A4 : starting from d'Iguerande (54 kilomètres - medium level)
Circuit A5 : starting from Marcigny (23 kilomètres - easy level)
Circuit A6 : starting from Marcigny (35 kilomètres - medium level)
Circuit A7 : starting from Marcigny (58 kilomètres - medium level)
Circuit A8 : starting from Iguerande (36 kilomètres - medium level)
Circuit A9 : starting from Iguerande (25 kilomètres - medium level)

  • Cycliste sur la Voie Verte

    Cycliste sur la Voie Verte

36 Green Walks

The green walks, categorised as "PR" are marked pathways for hikers.

In our region 36 circuits from 5 to 20 kilometres are marked out and total 450 kilometres of route.

Pratical information : PR routes are indicated in yellow. A hiking route guide is on sale at the Marcigny-Semur Tourist Office.

You can also consult or download the circuits in the section "To do"--> "By foot"

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25 ATB/ Mountain Bike circuits

The ATB Centre named FFC (Federation Française de Cyclisme), located in Marcigny, has marked out 25 circuits for both beginners and experienced cyclists. From the valley of the Loire to the hills of the Brionnais, come and burn off those calories which pile up after a good steak !

Pratical information : FFC routes indicated in yellow and white markings. VTT = ATB.

General map of the circuits on sale at 3 euros, full catalogue (general map + the circuits) =16 euros.

  • Centre VTT

    Centre VTT

Hikes with a donkey

Starting from Melay, Bougres d'Anes offers walks with a donkey, an ideal friend to carry the picnic and the baggage.

You can choose a one-day trek, several days trek or a week, following circular tour.

More information from Bougres d'Anes

  • Bougres d'ânes

    Bougres d'ânes

  • La chevauchée des petits sabots

    La chevauchée des petits sabots

Sortie en calèche

La découverte du bocage au rythme des chevaux

  • Les Traits d'union

    Les Traits d'union

Profitez d'une balade au pas des deux chevaux de trait, sur les chemins melayots ou le long du canal tranquille. Le propriétaire passionné de ce type de chevaux vous propose des sorties d'une à deux heures.
En voiture...à cheval, bien sûr !
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