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Découvrez les incontournables

Découvrez les incontournables

The must sees of ou area : the farmlands, the medieval art, the heritage, the land...

WALKING in Semur-en-Brionnais

The pearl of the region, distinguished by the label "One of the Most Beautiful Villages in France", Semur in Brionnais amazes with its rich heritage and history. Stroll along the ramparts of the village and admire below the charming chapel of St Martin la Vallée, nestling in the meadows; play the knight in the castle or take a selfie in front of the beautiful carved portal of the Collegiate Church of Saint Hilaire.

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WANDER around the market stalls each Monday morning in Marcigny.

A genuine local institution, the market has been held every Monday for centuries : it is a great place to shop, taste the local products (wine, cheese, meat) or restock your chicken coop!

Spend the afternoon exploring this little town : its half-timbered houses, its several large ones and the tower of the museum with its intriguing bosses... The fine arts are put in the spotlight at Tour du Moulin museum and a collection of horse-drawn carriages is exhibited in the Carriage Museum.

It is also a town that is passionate about contemporary art : many works are exhibited at the International Biannual Exhibition (See events website for details), the Art Centre (CAC Frank Popper), and the Jardin de Sculptures.

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STROLL around Anzy-le-Duc

Among all the Romanesque churches of Charolais-Brionnais, the church of Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption deserves a detour : its magnificent octagonal bell tower, capitals and carved corbels, the recently restored choir wall paintings, not forgetting the mysterious crypt, the courtyard and the south portal of the priory...
You will be captivated !

FOLLOW the Voie-Verte

For the pleasure of cyclists on Sundays or during the week, joggers, people with reduced mobility, roller-skaters or simple walkers, the old railway has been converted just for you. This vehicle-free route is the perfect place to take a walk with family or friends, as long as you keep Fido on a lead.

For longer distiances, this cycle route runs from Roanne (Dept 42) to Cronat (Dept 71), a distance of 97 km, and then connects with "La Loire à vélo", an 800 km cycle route which is part of the Eurovelo network. On the way, you can also branch off and follow the six marked cycle loops that will take you from village to village and to the delightful little town of Charlieu (Dept 42).

VISIT the livestock market in Saint-Christophe-en-Brionnais

Every Wednesday, watch an extraordinary spectacle at the Charolais cattle market. Sales are made in two ways, the traditional famer-to-farmer deal and in the state-of-the-art auction ring. Here modernity meets tradition!
Watch out ! If your son makes the winning bid for a calf, you'll need a larger car !

ADMIRE the charming village of Oyé

Discover the origins of the Charolais cattle breed in the place where it all started ! Feast your yees on the fields and dry stone walls that surround the village ! The preservation and richness of the buildings qualify this district to apply for UNESCO World Heritage Status (The project is being led by the Pays Charolais-Brionnais). In the village, visit the museum "La Mémoire d'Oyé", the manor house of Chaumont with its beautiful French-style garden or the local pottery workshop...

SNIFF out the aroma of walnuts in Iguerande

The skillds of oil making have been passed through generations of the same family at the Leblanc oil mill and shop. Extend your visit in the village nicknamed "The village with 7 hills". On the heights, you can admire the Romanesque Church and look out over the vast panorama of the Loire.

On foot or by bike, the climb is steep but the landscape is worth seeing.

NAVIGATE the Roanne Canal at Digoin.

Follow in the sailors' footsteps, enjoy a stroll along the water's edge, passthe locks and walk beside the last big, untamed river of France : The Loire. Along the towpath, you will see herons, faithful inhabitants of the banks of the Loire...

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LISTEN to the birdsong in the heart of the Montceaux l'Étoile Wetlands

Located near the Voie-Verte, this sensitive natural area, developed by the Local Authority, will share with you all the secrets of biodiversity, especially if you join a guided tour (see events website for details).

PAUSE in front of the stele (Monument) of Bagneaux in Melay

This place commemorates the landing, on the night of March 19 1943, of an RAF Lysander carrying three great characters of the French Resistance : Jean MOULIN, Christian PINEAU and General DELESTRAINT who worked for the Libertation of France.

  • Crédit photo : F. Lagoutte

    Crédit photo : F. Lagoutte