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Bocage et Patrimoine naturel

Bocage et Patrimoine naturel

An exeptional lanscape with traditional buildings

The farmlands which define our rural lanscape !

The farmlands, marked out by carefully cut hedges or by stones walls, reflect the gentleness of this region. The landscape is painted in innumerable shades of green and dotted with delightful settlements. This beautiful countryside is also rich in Romanesque architecture.

  • Bocage brionnais

    Bocage brionnais


Title of the application : "The Charolais-Brionnais, historic cattle breeding region"

This is the birthplace of the Charolais cattle breed. Together, men and their animals have made, over the years, a special type of farmland. Recognised for the excellent quality of its meat, today the breed is present everywhere in the world. Its development was due to local expertise and an understanding of the environment. France has chosen this region to be a candidate for UNESCO World Heritage Site status so that the landscape and the cultural values can be preserved for future generations.
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The rivers

The last big untamed river : The Loire

The Loire defines the western edge of the region, meandering in large loops throughout grasslands scattered with coppices and isolated trees. This huge ecological space is evident in the farmlands and deep valleys. The course of the river provdes excellent animal and plant biodiversity and forms exceptional ecological corridors.

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The canal from Roanne to Digoin

The man-made canal from Roanne to Digoin has been nick-named "The Quiet River". The calmness and the natural beauty of the banks of this preserved waterway can be discovered by boat or by foot along the towpath.

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This river, a tributary of the Loire, is easily noticeable in the landscape because of its meandering course. It skirts the village of Anzy-le-Duc.

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Fishing ponds

Our region is full of numerous ponds, and rivers where fishermen can find their own corner of paradise.

Les Étangs du Brionnais welcome you for fishing : this international "fishing village", located in the rural district of Baugy, offer you chalet style accommodation (weekly rental only) or 2 camping cars placements with water, electricty and sanitation. The specialty here is the Carp Trophy named NO KILL with 5 fishing positions.

For more information, please contact : 03 85 25 06 79 - lesetangsdubrionnais,wanadoo,fr -

Points of sale for fishing licenses :
- ANZY LE DUC : Chez M. Maurice JANVIER
- MARCIGNY : Tabacconist and the Tourist Office, both in the Place des Halles
- MONTCEAUX L'ÉTOILE : L'Art Conç'café
- IGUERANDE : Grocery store
- SAINT CHRISTOPHE EN BRIONNAIS : The tourist Enquiry Point
For more information, please contact :
Fédération de Saône et Loire
123, rue de Barbentane
BP 99 Sennecé
71004 MACON Cedex
Tél : 03 85 25 83 00 - contact,peche-saone-et-loire,org -

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The Wetlands of Montceaux l'Étoile

An important place for discovering biodiversity, the Wetlands are the first sensitive and natural site to be bought and developed by the Department (administrative district) of Saône-et-Loire. With a rich fauna and flora life, it provides divers habitats of conservational importance.

  • Conseil départementale de Saône et Loire

    Conseil départementale de Saône et Loire

  • Conseil Départementale de Saône et Loire

    Conseil Départementale de Saône et Loire