In Southern Burgundy, on the borders of the Loire and the Allier departments, the cantons of Marcigny and Semur, in the heart of the Brionnais region, welcome visitors in search of authenticity and simplicity.

This peaceful countryside, with its “sturdy” character, will soon appear under ochre hues, the colour of its Romanesque churches and outstanding residences, built from here to there in a cloak of absolute green, reflecting the meadows in which the herds of famous white Charolais cattle are put out to graze.

Such as the artist’s palette, a touch of blue, a straight or sinuous line, witness of a wild Loire and waterways, sometimes blending with the sky on the horizon, will complete this irresistibly delightful picture.



You will love this countryside with its generous nature, full of a rich historical past that you will discover at the turn of a bend, at the bottom of a valley or overlooking a hill.


Whether you are on your own, as a family or between friends, take the time to enjoy everything this corner of paradise has to offer without moderation.

You will want to come back, there’s no doubt about it!!!