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7 oct 2022 - Music / Concert - IGUERANDE

Saison Culturelle - Djampa

  • Saison Culturelle - Djampa - Photo Credits : Djampa Saison Culturelle - Djampa - Photo Credits : Djampa

Conditions d'ouverture spéciales Covid-19

- Wearing a mask is mandatory
- Gel at disposal put at disposal
- Health pass required

Emotion on the skin
This duo, composed of Meglena Sage-Euksuzian on vocals, violin and piano, and Christophe Raillard on diatonic accordion. Djampa delivers chiselled texts, both powerful and sensitive, which are mixed with a music full of virtuosity.
Singer-songwriter Meglena Sage-Euksuzian has a deep love for songs that offer a view of the world and defend ideas. In concert, it is emotion on the skin and talent, poignant texts that touch the intimate side of each person.

Reservations recommended - Limited seating