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7 avril 2023 - Music / Concert - IGUERANDE

Saison culturelle - The Two

  • Saison culturelle - The Two - Photo Credits : The Two Saison culturelle - The Two - Photo Credits : The Two

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The love of the blues that carries the duo, takes them with their guitars to the roads of here and elsewhere. Originally, one is Mauritian and the other Swiss, but their complicity makes us forget the borders and reminds us that music is above all a universal language. The Two take their audience on a touching journey. Their music; sincere, poignant, sometimes wild, sometimes sweet, is a call to travel, to a universe of mixed sounds that breathes the earth and bewitches the senses.
The two musicians draw their strength from the roots of Delta blues and the sincerity of Creole blues from Mauritius. Winners of the Swiss Blues Challenge in the summer of 2014, The Two had the privilege of representing Switzerland at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, USA, in January 2015 and at the European Blues Challenge in Brussels. Their journey across the Atlantic did not go unnoticed as the duo won over the American public by reaching the semi-finals of the competition.
Since 2015, The Two has been accumulating recognition with an uncommon class both in Switzerland and abroad, winning unanimous acclaim after each of their performances. The crowning glory of this promising year 2015 is the duo's appearance on the mythical stage of the "Jazz Club" at the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival.

Reservations recommended - Limited seating