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Du 22 avril au 28 oct 2022 - Commercial event / Market - SEMUR-EN-BRIONNAIS

"Le martsi de Semur" marché festif de producteurs

Conditions d'ouverture spéciales Covid-19

- The 4th Friday of each month, from April to November, from 4pm to 7pm during lockdown and curfew
- Wearing a mask is mandatory

The Martsi of Semur, on the track!
The 2nd season will start on the square of Semur-en-Brionnais in April.

For a few years now, some towns in the Brionnais have been hosting a farmers' market, the Martsi, at the beginning of the weekend, on Friday evening. In Saint Julien de Civry on the 1st Friday of the month, Saint Julien de Jonzy on the 3rd, and Semur en Brionnais on the 4th.

The first edition of season 2 of the Semur Martsi will be held at the foot of the Château St Hughes, opposite the Town Hall, along the terrace of the Entrecôte Brionnaise restaurant. A remarkable location in the heart of the town, classified by the association "Plus beaux villages de France".

The Place du Martsi is surrounded by "old stones" and opens onto a terrace with a lawn that is ideal for children to play on. Under the shade of the plane trees, it rivals in charm at dusk, when the lights of the collegiate church of St Hilaire mingle with the rays of sunset.

Encouraged by the Town Hall, the Festival Committee which organises this event will be happy to welcome fifteen or so local producers again this year. Vegetables, poultry and cheese. Beer, honey, wine, mushrooms. Eggs, beef, mutton etc.

Next to the refreshment stand are tables: to accompany a drink shared with family or friends, shoppers will be able to treat themselves to a snack: in addition to Monique's restaurant, galettes, crêpes and tarts flambées are prepared on the spot... and organic!

... and for bulk groceries, bread and other seeds, by returning to the car park, the Magasin des Possibles is worth the diversions... A third place to discover, certainly.

A little more than a market, guaranteed by a charter, the "Martsi" spirit is the combination of quality, proximity and conviviality. A good start to the weekend, a winning trifecta!

We look forward to meeting you at Martsi!