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Du 2 juil au 15 sept 2022 - Exhibition - FLEURY-LA-MONTAGNE

Exposition "Fleuve"

The "River" exhibition at the Pavillon presents photographs taken from a body of work so vast that it can only ever be exhibited in a fragmentary way.
Andrea Keen has photographed the Seine valley from the confluence with the Oise to the estuary, over the course of four seasons.

From Conflans-Sainte-Honorine to Le Havre, she went in small steps, sometimes on foot along the riverbank, sometimes by car on the valley's back roads, capturing views of the near or distant landscape, or of the grass at her feet. From these peregrinations, she brought back three types of images
- Fifty-five overviews of a large area of the valley.
- three hundred and eighteen strips of three photographs framing a limited territory
- sixty-five photographs as many contemplative stops on a detail: a tree, a field of wheat, wild grass.

Andrea Keen has scanned all the negatives of this considerable collection, which allows her to print certain images on paper. But the overviews and photographs of plants are silver prints.
These photographs gave rise to a book: Fleuve (published by Jean-Michel Place in 2007).