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Du 8 oct au 31 déc 2022 - Exhibition - FLEURY-LA-MONTAGNE

Exposition "Les Paysageurs"

There are five of them: Philippe Accary, Martine Alibert, Alain Barrier, Numa Droz, Geneviève Garcia-Gallo. They have given themselves the name of 'landscape artists'. Landscaping is an aesthetic act that the eye is sometimes enough to accomplish. But they, who are neither farmers, nor landscape artists, nor simple observers, transform the country into landscapes by drawing, painting and photographing.

What they represent here is the Brionnais bocage, a land that has long been shaped by men, whose history can be read in the lines of the hedges and dry stone walls. It is easy to see in these paintings and photographs the hillsides, the green meadows, their fences and their white cattle, the well-trimmed bushes and the hay in rolls. But the illusion does not last, for the painting shows that it is painting, the photograph reminds us that it is photography.
What these artists have in common is that they stand on a ridge line from which it is possible to say at the same time: "this is a meadow for grazing" and "this is not a meadow for grazing", from which it is possible to see simultaneously, and not by alternation, the two sides of a work: what it depicts (the bocage) and the way it depicts it (painting or photography).

Looking at this exhibition should therefore provide a double pleasure: that of recognising a familiar countryside, and that of discovering different ways of representing it.