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A pied - Equestrian / Foot / Mountain biking - ARTAIX

The lily-of-the-Valley Trail

From Artaix, a nautical stop on the banks of the Roanne-Digoin canal, the trail drops steeply towards sweetly scented woodland paths before returning to its starting point via the banks of the Loire, an untamed river. An ever-changing scene of plants, scents, light. Every Spring, under the shade of the Gué Sadin wood where lily-of-the-valley proliferates, a silent orchestra of white bells plays. The majestic oaks, the hornbeams and fir trees that line the forest paths, the country paths that make their way through a jumble of lush, velvety, wild grasses, echo the shifting landscape of the river ans its exceptional natural heritage. Through changing scenery, this beautiful walk will leave you feeling that you've had a long holiday.