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A pied - Equestrian / Foot / Mountain biking - SAINTE-FOY

The Brionnais Heights Walk

  • Balade sur les hauteurs du Brionnais - Photo Credits : DSL Michel Troncy Balade sur les hauteurs du Brionnais - Photo Credits : DSL Michel Troncy

Hover Brionnais, above a scattering of Romanesque bell towers and a carpet of Charolais cows : this route - if we dare say it - is heaven on earth. And that's without mentioning all the glorious panoramas which await you! The highest point of the Brionnais, Sainte-Foy, is 549m above sea level. Whether in the woods or amongst the verdant meadows dotted with the cream coats of the famous "white cattle", the trail takes advantage of the lie-of-the-land to reveal its best view points. Just on this one walk, you can see from the Arconce valley to the Charolais foothills, from the countryside around La Clayette to the Beaujolais mountains, from the boundaries of Charlieu to the Roannaise hillside and the Forez mountains. It's true... and a good Burgundian never lies!

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